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French Riviera

100% silk tvil
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This scarf is insired by the Villa–Museum Ephrussi de Rothschild and its unforgettable gardens, situated on the Cape Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferra.

Baroness Beatrice Rothschild was building the villa of her dreams over the course of seven years, surrounding it with abundant gardens.
The color palette of the scarf symbolises the shades of Cote d'Azur, Mediterranean flora, orange trees and plants in blossom. The central garden rotunda depicts the Temple of Love. Being inside it, the baroness felt the illusion of travelling on board the ship.

Dreams are coming true, as in Edith Piaf's song “Life in Pink”. In spite of the fact that the villa facades are painted in pale pink colors, the designer decided that the prevailing color palette of the scarf should be that of the magnificent and glorious gardens surrounding the villa.