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100% silk
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Millions of stars shine in the sky, beckoning us with their glow. So the recognized masters of the scene, which we began to call stars, endow us with the rays of their talent.
Russian ballet school is famous, popular and loved all over the world. One of the symbols of the Russian ballet school is the Bolshoi Theater, on the stage of which world stars shone.
My new silk scarf is dedicated to the Bolshoi ballerinas - recognized stars! That is why the stars are situated in the center of the scarf. The magic of the great art, dance and music engulfs us. There are many ballerinas so that in each fold of the scarf the ballerinas flicker in the dance when it is tied around the neck.
It’s very limited release. The scarf "Ballerinas", based on the picture of the same name.
The elegant and unusual plot of this accessory will adorn a true woman who loves high art.

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