Personal exhibition of watercolour paintings by Alexandra Otieva

The exhibition opens on August 2, 2014 in the town of Beaulieu-sur-Mer, in the historic rotunda building, which is an architectural masterpiece of the belle epoque style. August 3 is an open day.

The works of different years will be exhibited there; all of them are made in a unique watercolour technique – on a wet sheet. More than 50 sheets display the artist's surprisingly subtle, lyrical world, penetrating the mind of the spectator. The exposition includes several series – still-life with flowers, still-life with objects, landscape, associative plot works. Thanks to this material, a wide range of author's creative possibilities characterized by high professionalism are presented.

Alexandra Otieva is fond of drawing and painting since very childhood. Trying herself in various creative fields – theatre, dance, fine arts – she eventually gave preference to painting. Watercolour – the only technique which Alexandra Otieva uses today – was not chosen by chance.

Watercolour on the wet sheet – is complex, unique technique excluding any mistakes, which allows the extremely hardworking personalities, capable of a long process of creating not only the works but also themselves, express themselves.

At the moment, Alexandra Otieva is well known to audience and collectors, she is the author of several personal and collective exhibitions in different countries. It seems that her work can be attributed to the category of phenomena that express inner harmony and beauty, invariably embodied in beautiful images. A similar phenomenon once was the watercolours of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna Romanova, sister of Nicholas II. She expressed the same harmony and the ability to see beauty in everyday life, and poeticize them in a transparent watercolour.

The works of Alexandra Otieva are distinguished by an exquisite colour, verified composition. The process of working on wet paper, controlled by the author, ends with a real work of art.

A new solo exhibition is another stage for the artist: Alexandra Otieva came to the opening day not only with a lot of new works, but also with an art album. This is the first edition of the author, which included watercolour sheets of different periods, commentaries of art critics and a biographical reference. Presentation of the album, timed to the exhibition, will allow the event to be even more dramatic.

«Monaco», 2014