About Me


Alexandra OTIEVA was born in Saratov, a picturesque city on the banks of a great Volga river.

Alexandra has already established herself as a renowned and accomplished artist. Her sensual style is inspired by her love of nature, music and travel, and by her passion for life.

After experimenting with graphics and oil she ultimately settled on the more complex painting technique of using watercolour on wet paper. She spent much of her youth attending watercolour workshops at the Artists’ Union, where she was the youngest artist to exhibit her work.

During the past 15 years, her paintings have been exhibited in various galleries in Russia and France, and her portfolio includes over 200 works.

Some of her pieces now sit proudly in private collections in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Saratov, London, Monaco, Nice, Paris, Boston, Montreux, Geneva …

Her passion for colour and light prompted her to move to France, the home of Impressionism, in 2004. Despite life’s vicissitudes, Alexandra followed her dreams and concentrated solely on her art.

Her stories: the colourful impressions inspired by the change of seasons and the dramatic reworks of oral displays.

Through watercolour, Alexandra endevours to share her sense of beauty and peace.

Her work can be classified according to following five series: ‘’Flowers’’, ‘’Landscapes’’, ‘’Still Lifes’’, «Impressions» and «Russian Winter».

It should be noted that Alexandra often paints in large formats, which is rare for artists employing the specialised technique of watercolour on wet paper.



Member of Comite National Monegasque de l’AIAP-UNESCO
International Identity Card for Professional Artist

2002- Participation at the Аrt and Photo exhibition “Days of Russian Art in France ( Saint –Cloud);
2003-Exhibition in Saratov, Russia, Audience Award;
2003-Contest at the National School of Fine Arts ( Paris);
2003-Participation at the exhibition “Memories of France” Exhibition Hall University, Saratov, Russia;
2005-Art Exhibition at the City Hall of Malaussena, France;
2006-Personal exhibition in Nice, France;
2010-Publication in the book “Art and Nature”, Patou publishing, France;
2012-Personal exhibition at the Hermitage hotel, Eze, France;
2014- Private exhibition in Monaco;
2014-Private exhibition at la Rotonde, Beaulieu-Sur-Mer, France;
2014-Publication of Art Book “ Alexandra Otieva. Watercolour”. The book is registered in the National Library of France;
2015- Participation at the Art Exhibition Monaco-Japan. Jury Award- “Prix Rose de Monaco”;
2015- Participation at the Russian Art Week, Moscow, Russia;
2015- Art Exhibition at the City Hall of Falicon, France;
2015- Exhibition during “Symphony Cote-d’Azur” at the villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France;
2016-Participation at the exposition at the Easter Fair, Russian Orthodox Cathedral Nicolas II, Nice, France;
2016- Exhibition at the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Franco-Russian Association “Menton-Sochi”, Casino Barrier, Menton, France;
2016-Personal exhibition La Rotonde de Lenotre, Beaulieu-Sur-Mer, France.
2017- Personal exhibition at AIAP –UNESCO MONACO and presentation of scarves’ collection.
2017- Participation at the exhibition Monaco-Japan, PRIZE -“PRIX CULTUREL DES ART PLASTIQUES”.
2017- Exhibition during the feast of roses at the villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, France.
2017- Exhibition during the international bouquets contest of Garden Club Monaco, founded at 1968 by Princess Grace.
2017- Personal exhibition at Chapelle Saint Elisabeth in Villefranche-Sur-Mer.
2017- Participation at the exhibition at Salon Pictural in Saint Jean-Cap-Ferrat.
2017- International competition. PRIZE OF THE CITY OF MENTON 2017.


Artist’s word


For me, art means life. Creating is as vital as breathing. When I draw, I live.
I have the impression that the biggest problem in people’s lives is that we don’t know how to control our mental processes, the real strength of our deepest thoughts.
In reality, whether consciously or not, we become what we believe we are. When I was a child, I always wanted to be a painter and see my framed pictures “live” in someone’s home, nourish their interior with creative energy. And then, my dream came true. It is amazing how our thoughts can come true and become our life.
Our beliefs, our dreams, our fears, our doubts, everything on which we focus becomes our reality because it exists in our consciousness and nourishes us.
My life could have been different than what it is today. I could have had another profession, lived in another city, in another country. Had a different view from the window. However subconsciously – then later intentionally – I persistently aspired to be a painter. I wanted to feel life and convey my feelings through the transparency and gentleness of watercolours. I wanted to arise in the morning knowing that my workshop awaited me with paper, brushes and paint on my bench. During my travels, I did not see just fields and the roofs of houses, a river and a bridge with a convoluted construction, but also subjects for my work.
And all of the sometimes major difficulties that stood in my path were overcome.
We waste a good deal of our time thinking about the past and we live with regret that says “if only it were different”. In reality, everything happens as it was meant to. Everything happens in due time and we have nothing to worry about. The most important thing is to listen and hear yourself. Everything is programmed: not only through our thoughts but also through the efforts of our loved ones who are willing to stand behind us. My dearly loved parents encouraged me and unconsciously guided me to a path, the very one I’ve always dreamed of! I am a painter! My goal as such is to share my passion, my feelings, my perceptions of reality with everyone the world over! The feelings that I express through my paintings are clear! I believe that, if I am honest and true to myself and to my art, I am able to create and blossom.
Everything that I write flows from my imagination! My mind and soul are constantly creating magnificent, colourful images. When I spend hours work on my paintings, I hope to express what lives deep down within me.

Alexandra OTIEVA